I have had the opportunity to partner with Tom Moon over a span of 20 years. During this time period, billions of dollars in shareholder corporate equity were generated through the staffing and recruitment of the sales management and marketing teams at Mercury Interactive, Pure-Atria (Rational), Silicon Valley Networks and Ixia (XXIA). In each of these companies, I served as either CEO or Sr.VP Sales and Marketing. I have had the opportunity to staff over 135 sales and marketing professionals at the VP, Director, RSM and DM levels while partnering with Tom Moon.

Tom provides a very unique skill set. He is able to quickly and effectively learn about the business, the market and the corporate expansion strategy in order to present an impressive and well-researched value proposition. Tom was vital in bringing us the top Technology players in an extremenly competitive market and his abilities and approach has been a fundamental and key contributing factor to the stellar growth and market domination of each of the companies I have managed.

David Anderson
VP WW Sales- Radware
VP WW Sales-Ixia
VP Sales-Pure/Atria
VP Sales-Mercury Interactive

"I've worked extremely close with Tom Moon for over 10 years, having recruited 43 top professionals in that time and I would like to recognize Tom for his hard work and success. Tom was vital in building Mercury Interactive and delivering some of our most valuable Executives. He really understood the business and issues at Mercury and was able to effectively communicate the value proposition to the candidates. Tom's confidence and professionalism in the area of C-level and VP Level search is outstanding and clearly impacted the success and outcome of Mercury Interactive. An A+ effort."

Ken Klein
COO-Mercury Interactive

"I have worked with Tom Moon since the 1990's and Tom has always been vital in bringing us the best Executive's the market has to offer. Tom is savvy, detailed and extremely hard working. In our most recent Executive search, Tom found our new COO in under 60 days and in the most professional and cost effective manner possible. We couldn't be more pleased with and will continue to use and recomment Tom Moon."

Frank Delape
BenchMark Equity

"It has truly been a pleasure working with Tom on our Vice President of Sales search and I appreciate Tom's incredibly high level of professionalism and the quality and quantity of candidates that He presented to Newmerix. Finding highly qualified and motivated Executives for a Venture backed start-up is difficult at best but Tom's personal efforts and the resulting candidates that came through were outstanding."

Ed Roberto-CEO
Newmerix Corp.