The Firm

Founded in August 1991, Tom Moon has been on a constant quest to redefine what boutique search should be for the emerging technology industry. All this effort has resulted in over 525 placements for some of the industry's hottest high-technology firms.

Hands-on Execution

In today's mixed economy and highly competitive labor market, top candidates are harder and more elusive to find than ever. How do you separate yourself from the pack? By choosing a seasoned, dedicated and experienced Executive Level Recruiter who will apply 110% to the success of your organization. Since our inception, we have placed C-Level Executive Teams and helped build some of the industry's sharpest and fastest growing high tech corporations. Our research department is second to none with a combined 50 plus years’ experience resulting in billions of verifiable returns for the Venture Capital firms we have worked with these past 25 years.

Value Proposition

*We know your business and will be extremely proficient
*We only take searches we can deliver complete success to
*We are fully transparent throughout the search process
*We have achieved a nearly 100% success rate and we never give up
*Over 25 years of cutting -edge research, delivering over 525 completed searches!

Value-base Search

We don't feel that a start-up should pay the same fee structure as that of an established Ft.500 Corporation. Our fees are set at 20% base and you can be assured your search will receive the highest level of attention, as we only take on three total searches at any given time. Note that we are also not held back from calling on "ALL" relevant prospecting companies, as the larger firms are due to "Non-Competes." We purposely target the companies we recruit and only take on a few companies in like markets, thus allowing ourselves the ability to recruit from all prospective firms.

Superior Research

Today, more than 525 placements later, we are recognized as one of the premier leaders in Executive Search for the emerging technology industry. Check out our methodology to see how we do it.